Bale of BEDMAX

BEDMAX Shavings made specially for Horses

BEDMAX shavings are made specially to create an ideal bedding for their horses

Cut to an optimum size from renewable UK softwood, dried at a sterilising temperature to the optimum moisture content and, most important of all, screened to ensure that BEDMAX contains the very lowest levels of dust.

What are the benefits of BEDMAX

BEDMAX shavings the ideal bedding for those who put their horses first.

A BEDMAX bed will give your horse more comfort and protection, and give you less work and less expense.

  • The lowest levels of dust
  • 100% natural
  • A deeper, more resilient, longer lasting bed
  • More protection for joints and hooves
  • A cleaner, easier bed to maintain
  • The antiseptic properties of pine
  • Made in the UK




Is it Environmentally Friendly?

Only renewable timber grown in the UK is used to make BEDMAX, so it is a locally sourced product, with plants in Andover, Nottingham and Northumberland. It contains no additives or contaminants whatsoever, and it is a natural product.


Disposing of BEDMAX

Bedmax shavings, if treated well, will obligingly turn themselves like any other form of natural, organic used bedding into re-usable, bio-degradable compost that doesn't have to be buried or burnt.

How can I buy it?

BEDMAX BalesBEDMAX sold in 20kg bales

It can be purchased either by the bag or in bulk quantities.

When sold in bulk the bags are stacked and wrapped on a pallet.

A full pallet is loaded with 42 or 48 bales.




How is it Delivered?

Delivery is also based on your location, please enter your postcode above to see delivery information.


How do I use it?

BEDMAX is used in the same way as you would with most shavings but here are a few tips on the best way to make the most of the benefits that BEDMAX has to offer.

When made and maintained properly, The average empty loose box or stable will hold between 5 and 7 bags of Bedmax, depending on the depth of the bed you make. Each Bedmax bag is pressure packed and contains a consistent volume of shavings that will cover about 2 to 3 square metres.

A shavings fork will make it easy to loosen and aerate the packed shavings, and to spread them evenly.

We recommend a level bed between 6 and 9 inches deep, covering the entire floor with gap at the doorway preventing shavings being walked or blown out of the stable.

Banks about 12 to 18 inches high along each wall to help prevent horses being cast when rolling.

If droppings and visual wet patches are removed daily then a fresh bag every 4 to 5 days should be all you need to maintain a good clean bed.


Product specification

Bedmax bag details (figures are approximate)

Bag Weight 20kg
Bag Size:
30cm x 35cm x 70cm
2 to 3 square metres.
Bags required for a new bed 6 Bags