BEDRAP Horse Bedding

   " Simply the Best"

BEDRAP is made from the best quality rape straw, which is chopped, screened and dust extracted to a high standard.

The bedding is extremely absorbent and ideal for horses with dust allergies. It is also great for deep litter or semi litter beds as the fibres knit together when slightly moist establishing a good base.

What are the benefits of BEDRAP?

Easy and cost effective to use, BEDRAP horse bedding is an ideal choice for horses and ponies prone to COPD and breathing problems.

It's extremely absorbent qualities make a BEDRAP bed ideal for messy horses or those that deep or semi-litter.

  • Exceedingly low levels of dust
  • Ideal for COPD and breathing problems
  • Easy to maintain a long lasting bed
  • Fibres knit to make a good base
  • A great solution for messy horses
  • Its absorbancy works well with rubber flooring
  • Made in the UK



Any Rape straw used to make Bedrap is sourced as close to the processing plant as possible to benefit both the environment and economics.


Disposing of BEDRAP

Disposal of Bedrap waste from the stables is easier than other traditional forms of bedding. This waste is biodegradable and will decompose within 8-10 weeks to form a natural fertiliser suitable for either the garden or the farm.


Is it Environmentally Friendly?

How can I buy it?

BEDRAP BalesBEDRAP sold in large bales

It can be purchased either by the bag or in large quantities.

A full pallet is loaded with 35 bales, less can be ordered. All pallet deliveries will be stacked and wrapped




How is it Delivered?

Your address is part of our national delivery network where we use a national pallet delivery service. We have chosen this method as it is most cost effective for single customer deliveries. It does have some limitations which we feel we must share with you. These are:

  • Strictly speaking deliveries are "kerb to kerb" but reasonable efforts are made to deliver to the customers requirements.
  • The vehicles do have hand trucks to move the pallets but gravel, uneven ground, gradients or steps will prevent them from being used.
  • The driver may help to handball but it's completely at his/her discretion and is often decided by the way in which the customer asks and helps.
  • A good way to visualise the size of a typical delivery vehicle is to imagine a double-decker bus. If it would have difficulty manoeuvring then this is termed restricted access and a request should be made for a smaller vehicle.
  • It is good practice to make sure we have a mobile phone number so that if you are out when the delivery arrives, the driver has an opportunity to contact the you and hopefully avoid a re-delivery charge.

We appreciate that this is not ideal for all and we are constantly looking for alternatives. Please look at our news items for updates.


How do I use it?

BEDRAP is used in a similar way to a shavings bed but here are a few tips on the best way to make the most of the benefits that BEDRAP has to offer.

When made and maintained properly, the average empty loose box or stable will hold between 4 to 5 bags of Bedrap, depending on the depth of the bed you make. Each Bedrap bag is pressure packed and will cover about 3 square metres.

A shavings fork will make it easy to loosen and aerate the packed contents, and to spread them evenly.

The depth of the bed depends on personal preference and we have customers using up to 6 inches in stables.

Although we can make recommedations, it will be left to your own stable management.


Product specification

Bedmax bag details (figures are approximate)

Bag Size:
35cm x 45cm x 75cm
3 square metres.
Bags required for a new bed 5 Bags