fireplace with fire

HOTMAX wood briquettes will keep you cosy.

An ideal fuel for open fires or woodburners, multi-fuel stoves, BBQs and chimeneas.

It generates high levels of heat with low emissions, and is environmentally sustainable.

What is HOTMAX?

HOTMAX is an entirely natural fuel briquette made of compacted wood dust and wood chips.

  • Clean and easy to use
  • 100% natural
  • High heat levels
  • Low emissions
  • Enviromentally sustainable
  • No Chopping
  • Made in the UK


How do I use it?

You use HOTMAX like ordinary wood logs but, as it so dry and compacted, it is a high energy fuel. This means that it can release high levels of heat.

So we recommend that you use HOTMAX sparingly until you are familiar with its performance to avoid excessive heat.



HOTMAX is a very dry fuel and is sold in sealed plastic bags but due to the nature of the product and its handling these bags can get damaged.

Exposed briquettes may absorb moisture unless they are kept in a dry environment such as a garage or shed.

In smaller spaces care has to be taken to avoid condensation, so we would recommend that these areas should be insulated and or ventilated to avoid the build-up of moisture.

How can I buy it?

HOTMAX BagHOTMAX is sold in 10 andd 20kg bags

It can be purchased either by collections from your local agents store or by pallet deliveries.

A full pallet is loaded with 50 bags and weighs 1 metric tonne or less bags if necessary.




How is it Delivered?

By truck or lorry organised by your agent.


Is it Environmentally Friendly?

HOTMAX briquettes are made from the dust and wood chips that are screened out during the production of the purpose made horse shavings, BEDMAX.

This means we can give you an absolute assurance that HOTMAX really is a completely natural fuel. It contains no additives whatsoever, and it is a great way to recycle a natural by-product.



HOTMAX is an environmentally sustainable source of heat. Only renewable timber grown in the UK is used to make BEDMAX, so HOTMAX too is a locally sourced product, with plants in Andover, Nottingham and Northumberland.

It produces low emissions, and the small amount of ash the briquettes leave can be composted or used to enrich your garden soil.


Product specification

Bag Weight 10kg + 20kg
Dry Matter:
Ash content:
4.7 MWh/t
Net Calorific Value: 17 kJ/kg